What goes with everything? The last minute saviour? Ideal for any occasion? The colour of every season?


It never lets you down, no matter your style or body type. You look drop dead gorgeous instantly no matter what you pair with black. It’s the ultimate colour of fashion!

Which is why, Trendia brings you a wide range of black clothing of every style and fabric, celebrating the stunning colour in all its glory.

Black signifies a span of emotions, ideas, and sentiments. It could symbolize power to give you some confidence for your interview, mirror your mood at its ugly core, or even portray an event like a Black dress for funeral, depending on how you wear it!

Trendy Dresses to boost your confidence

Black signifies power and control! You’re SURE to look fantastic in any Black formal dresses and a Black pant suit, no matter the style, and they’re easy peasy to accessorize with too, so you never have to worry about looking too “plain”. Trendia brings you these FASHIONISTA dresses so you look like a QUEEN to skyrocket your confidence while remaining comfortable all the while!

Black Dress

Black Chikankari Dress



Trendia brings you a variety of black Kurta pant sets to MAKE. YOU. SPARKLE! through the night!

Embodying the night sky, the different designs shining like stars, these Black kurtis for women are fit to propel you into the world of fashion and elegant tastes. In this new era of simplistic styles, black is an extremely valuable asset in your closet. And it’s our job to get you there! Flow with the trends and top them all off!

Black suit set

Black Patiala suit set

Be BOLD and try something NEW with these daring tops

This is an era of westernization, where the less you wear the more stylish it is. BUT sticking to your own style is also important. Trendia brings you all sizes, shapes, and styles of tops for YOUR picking! Don’t think twice and you do you! Wear what you’re comfortable in and maybe try something new, too! Rock whatever you wear with the help of your personality!

If you want to upgrade to the next level, just put on a Women leather jacket or Black puffer jacket, it never disappoints.

Black crop top

Black Kaftan

There’s always more, so stay updated!!!

Remember, there’s always more waiting for you on the Trendia website! Pair black with any colour to fit your occasion! A simple black top could go a long way, so don’t underestimate the colour! After all, it starts with you.

But beware! Once you’ve become part of the club for black clothing obsessors, there’s no way out! It sucks you right in! So don’t forget to mix-match with a Blue and black dress, for example, to bring more life into your wardrobe.

Explore the colour, don’t just stick to one pair of Black jeans! There’s a whole new world of Black pants that you wouldn’t have heard of, waiting for you to discover them! Who knows, maybe Black leggings will suit your body type better, or Black cargo pants for that edgy look you desire, every fit ensuring you look like you stepped straight out of a magazine!