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Lagori - Seven Stones - Pitthu Satodiyu Traditional Outdoor Indian Game
Regional adaptations: Popular with the names of Lagori in Hindi, Pitthu in Northern India, and Lingorcha in Maharashtra. This ancient yet fascinating teamwork-oriented game involves precision and strategy. The games’ roots originate 5000 years ago in Southern India and were played...
$26.25 $21.00 $25.99
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Pachisi / Ludo / Indian ludo / chausar / Indian board game
A Traditional Indian dice game played with 2 or 4 players. We bring you yet another game that dates back from the pages of our mythology. Commonly called Pachisi in Hindi, this game is the oldest and most played game...
$23.37 $18.70 $23.14
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Gilli Danda Wooden Toy
Gilli Danda is an outdoor game that requires hand-eye coordination. This game is crafted in wood with round corners and smooth edges making it completely earth-friendly. Gilli Danda is also known as TipCat, Dandi-Biyo, Dangguli, Chinni-Dandu, Kuttiyum Kolum, Kitti-Pul &...
$15.99 $12.79 $15.84
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YANTRAS inspired #WFH Set
Sacred Geometry Inspired Conference Set cum #WorkFromHome package will have your employee/client thanking you for this thoughtful and eco-friendly set and the YANTRAS inspiration. Yantra is a Sanskrit word that means "contraption" or "machine." Its use dates back to 11,000 -...
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Chakravyuham Board Game
Ancient Living Chakravyuham board game has been derived from the invincible military tactic ‘Chakravyuham’ in Mahabharata. Chakra means “spinning wheel” and “vyuha” means formation. Our board game follows the same tactic in which soldiers keep moving in the form of...
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Vamana Guntalu / Pallanghuzi/ Mancala wooden board game - Original Cheriyal Hand painted
This game is played on a wooden board consisting of five pits each in two rows, totaling 10 pits. The objective of most of the game is to capture more seeds than the opponent. At the beginning of a player's...
$41.99 $33.59 $41.58
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0 - Into the VOID - Shotglasses
These shot glasses are inspired by Indic Philosophy of Shunyata and Shunya – concepts that led to invention of the ZERO – everything starts from the VOID and dissolves into the VOID – the very concepts that your shots of...
$18.49 $14.79 $18.31
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4 interlocking wooden puzzles set, stored in a fancy, high quality, handcrafted wooden box that comes with a matching lid. The puzzle box set is comprised of 4 brain teaser puzzles: a Intersecting Logs, a Wooden Cube, a Star Puzzle,...
$33.99 $27.19 $33.66
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Inspired by the folklore of Ravana, Indic Inspirations brings you a dart board with the 10 faces! Use the dart board to AIM for the GOOD – knowledge of the Shastras, Vedas or as symbols of modern day knowledge OR aim...
$43.77 $35.02 $43.34
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You will love spending countless evenings of merriment with your friends and family members over this puzzle. CHALLENGING FUN Pentominoes fit the 9 wooden pieces into the frame to create a mosaic PERFECTLY SIZE Measures 7 x 7 x 0.8...
$14.87 $11.90 $14.73
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Inspiring and auspicious Saraswati Yantra for the desktop. Reminiscent of the yantra typically drawn in white chalk on a black slate, this one is in silver! Made from an alloy of zinc and copper with pure silver inlay work (Tarkashi),....
$39.94 $31.95 $39.55
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LOTA - DESKTOP PLANTER - Indigo+Turmeric
The use of lota (a word with no English equivalent) has been epic and is believed to have been in existence since 2300 BCE! A shapely spherical object, its scooped neck makes it easy to hold between fingers and liquids don’t drip...
$35.99 $28.79 $35.64
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Puli Meka / Bagh Chaal / Goats and Tigers / Aadu puli aattam board game
Puli Meka (Corner the Tiger) A board game that takes you on a hunt played by two players This game allows you the thrill of a hunt while sitting across a game table in your living room. A fight for supremacy between...
$19.97 $15.98 $19.78
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Daadi game / Navakankari / Nine men's morris board game
A board game testing skills in strategy and planning. Played by two players. Suitable for children over five and adults. Most of these games have presences in different parts of the world. This game in the West is called Nine Men's Morris. In...
$23.49 $18.79 $23.26
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Noughts and Crosses Board Game (Kattam Vilayattu)
Kattam Vilayattu is an Indian traditional board game which is a fun revision of noughts and crosses also known as tic tac toe. Popularly known as Chaar Goti it is played between two players with four coins each. The player...
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