One bond…many emotions!

Ah, jewelry…we use it to add a touch of glamor to ourselves, it's also a way of expressing our unique identity.

But, brace yourself for this: there's a particular necklace in India that carries a deeper significance than just mere embellishment.

It's called the Mangal Sutra, and it's an emblem of strength and togetherness.


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Did you know that the word Mangalsutra combines two significant  words, mangal and sutra?

Well, yes ..with mangal meaning auspicious and sutra meaning thread, the resulting combination is nothing short of spectacular - an auspicious thread that unites two souls! 

On the day of the Indian weddings, the groom ceremoniously ties this thread around the bride's neck, marking the beginning of a journey. 

A typical Mangalsutra is adorned with not one, but two strings of black beads and a pendant.

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On the day of the wedding, the groom ties the auspicious thread around the neck of the bride.

It's more than just a thread, it's a symbol of their journey together. 

Together, they will sail through life, bound by this sacred tie. The knot ensures their everlasting bond until the end of time.

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The mangalsutra, oh how it gleams with significance! This symbol of holy matrimony is not just a mere piece of jewelry to be worn fleetingly, but a lifetime commitment to love and loyalty…

Did you know? The South Indians have an age-old tradition where the mangalsutra is to be tied with three knots, each laced with a distinct meaning - loyalty to the husband, devotion to family, and dedication to the divine.

What's more, in some parts of the country, the first knot is tied by the husband himself, while the sisters of the groom are entrusted with binding the remaining two knots…

And let's not forget the divine power of the black beads that lay nestled on the mangalsutra, blessed with everlasting protection for the married couple. It's believed that the wife wears it not just as a symbol of love, but also as a protective talisman to ward off any ill fate or danger that may plague her man.

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The significance of Mangalsutra has stood the test of time and remains an indispensable part of every married woman's life. It's a tradition we cherish and hold dear, so it's no surprise that it still holds an important position in Indian culture.

However, with changing times come changing designs, and this timeless accessory is now available in a plethora of contemporary styles. Brides are embracing these fashionable adaptations whilst still honoring their traditional beliefs.

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