Unique Christmas And New Year Gift Ideas!

OHH, I already feel the holiday season in the airrr❤️! Crisp cold weather, the smell of candle burning of all different scents and a whole lot of holiday treats. In contrast, knowing all that is going on in 2020, our lives have been anything but simple😷. Acknowledging that this holiday season might be a little stressful, let me help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list💫.

Christmas and New Year are around the corner! If you are worried about the shipping time, we have got this! Trendia ships the orders within 5days across the world🚚💨. Get ready to surprise your family with gifts filled with fun and joy.

  1. Yoga Accessories: Studies have shown that yoga can ease coronavirus related depression. Thankfully "Indic Inspirations" yoga accessories are enriched with the ancient wisdom of wellbeing. You will be proud to own and gift these unique yoga mats and books. No worries if you are not a great yoga lover yourself. Yoga is an activity for all ages and ability levels. Our yoga books will make sure you maintain connectedness with your body, mind and soul.yoga mats and books
  2. Immunity Boosters: What better than an immunity booster would be an ideal gift this year. These are some immunity boosters from most trusted brands like Patanjali, Zandu and Dr Vaidya's known for their good old Ayurvedic formulas, quality and herbal ingredients.Immunity boosters
  3. Indian Board Games: These Indian traditional board games are highly mind-stimulating that develops logical thinking. Imagine how much screen time you can avoid while enjoying playing healthy board games with your family. "Ancient Living" boards are handmade from eco-friendly materials. Do check out the Handcrafted Wooden Toys like tic-tac-toe, chip chop, marry tops and finger tops that will make you nostalgic.indian board games
  4. Sweets and Savoury: No celebration is complete without yum yum traditional sweets. Indian sweets are adored globally that is why we made sure to have a wide variety of famous sweets and savoury to match everyone’s taste.indian sweets and savoury
  5. Books: Do you know that Iceland has a tradition of gifting books on Christmas eve. One of the best gifts you can surprise your friends and family is a handpicked book. A book is not one-size-fits-all, so we have curated the best books for everybody to celebrate this season.books
  6. Grooming: It has been a crazy year and nothing beats gifting our friends and loved ones with the best self-care products that relax the body and mind. We have a collection ranging from body care, hair care, essential oils to men’s care. You can pamper yourself or can encourage the people in your life to take a well-deserved break. These self-care products are a perfect gift.self care

As the year is winding down, it seems like there is nowhere to go but up. Remind your peeps of all the stuff you have collectively survived this year and send wishes for a better 2021✨. Wishing you a safe and sanitized holiday season.

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