The Indian festival of Diwali or Deepavali is synonymous with lights, diyas, crackers, new clothes and of course sweets! It's the one time in the year when all diet restrictions go out the door and we Indians binge! Be it the succulent motichoor laddoos or the geometric Kaju Katlis or the juicy rasgullas, Diwali is time to sink your teeth into the best of Indian sweets (and savouries.) However for our friends outside of India who don't have access to the best of Indian sweets like Haldiram's and Pulla Reddy sweets, does it mean no sweets? Absolutely not! At Trendia, we get the sweets straight from all the local sweet brands of Hyderabad and ship them to the US, UK, Australia and more countries in a matter of 3-5 days! So order your Indian sweets and savourites right away for yourself or your friends and families abroad and make sure they're with you in time for Diwali which is on November 4th 2021!

In case you're wondering which are the Indian sweets to buy on Diwali, we have rounded them up and made a list of the unmissable Deepavali sweets for you to buy.

1.  Kaju Katli


This delicious (well the jury's out on this one!) sweet is a permanent fixture on any table where Indian sweets are being served. Made of cashew and ghee, and ideally nothing else, this diamond shaped Kaju Katli or Cashew Burfi is a premium Indian sweetmeat and being so light-weight makes for the perfect gift item too. Kaju Katli can stay fresh for upto 2 weeks so you can order Kaju Katli online from Trendia in time for Diwali! 

2.   Moong Dal Barfi


Moong dal barfi or simply Moong barfi is a traditional Indian barfi made with moong dal flour, khoya, nutmeg, mace and sugar and garnished with pistachios and other dry fruits. Not only is the moong dal barfi delicious but the protein the moong dal makes it healthy too. Trendia now offers the option to buy Bikanerwala Moong Barfi online and have it shipped all the way from India to the US, Canada, Australia and UK for free within 3-5 days. 


3.  Mysore Pak


South Indians will relate hard when we say Mysore Pak is everything!  Originating from the royal kitchens of the Royal Palace in Mysore, this delectable sweet has found favour and flavour with Indians and non-Indians alike. From palace to palate, the Mysore Pak is a classic Indian sweet that deserves to be on a Diwali sweets table and fortunately you can now order this Mysore Pak online from the brand Vallanki Foods at Trendia  and get it delivered to your doorstep within days, all the way from India! 


4. Besan Laddoo

order besan laddoo online

Order Besan Laddoo online

Be it north or south,  the besan laddoo is a timeless classic. Made from besan or chickpea flour, khoya, sugar and ghee, you can't wrong with the nutty, rich and familiar favour of a besan laddoo. Trendia now brings you the option to buy besan laddoos from the popular Daddu's sweets of Hyderabad and have it shipped to you in 3-5 days - right in time for the Diwali binge!

5.  Bombay Halwa

order Bombay halwa online

Wanna try something new this Diwali? Then get a bite of this "Bombay Halwa" from Vallanki Food brand. Looks like a Jell-O cube, the Bombay Halwa is a unique transparent jelly-like barfi stuffed with ghee and dry fruits. You can buy Bombay Halwa online here. 

Can't decide which sweets to buy online?  Don't worry. We have you sorted with assorted! (excuse the pun!) Here's our exclusive range of assorted sweet boxes for Diwali from Dadus that you can order online and get international shipping in 3-5 days of order. 



As important as Diwali sweets are, salty/spicy snacks or simply "savouries" are needed to balance the sweetness of the sweets just as much! After all, too much sweet without a hint of spice can be boring. So here's 5 savouries to complement your Diwali sweets

6. Samosa

7. Sev

8. Mixed Namkeen or "Mixture"

9.  Dalmoth Namkeen

10. Chakli